Our universities matter

As of 31 March, the funding of universities and students fees are back in the media. Click here for more news and here to read our policy on fees and funding. 

Universities add enormous value to our society and economy, enriching the lives of all of us through the education and research they provide. But in a post-industrial age, where knowledge is money and growth is elusive, powerful forces are bending the university to serve short-term, primarily pragmatic, and narrowly commercial ends. And no equal and opposite forces are organised to resist them.

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What did university meant to you? Help us tell your stories

Michael_FryanMichael Frayn  “I learnt a lot from my fellow-students.  This is one of the uncovenanted benefits of a university – it’s full of people like oneself who are brimming over with what they have discovered, often about subjects remote from one’s own, and who want to talk about it.”  Read the rest of Michael Frayn’s story.  

What is happening in your university? Help us record the rot

“As a senior scholar I have for many years, indeed decades, but involved in scholarly and research exchanges with universities in the Far East, most intensively of late years in China. The current frenetic drive for so-called ‘internationalisation’ almost completely ignores such slowly matured scholarly exchange in the mad dash for student mobility and short-term fixes. This is ultimately hugely damaging for proper academic understanding between cultures. At worst it is offensive and ill-informed.” Permanent academic, Humanities