Radical changes on an international scale: On the parallel ‘reforms’ of British and Czech university systems

The Rector of the Charles University in Prague, Professor Václav Hampl, with copies of the newly published Czech translation of In Defence of Public Higher Education. To his left, Dr Jiří Beneš, Vice-Director of the Institute of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and a member of the Academy’s Council. Photo: Stanislava Kyselová, Akademický bulletin.

On 27 November 2012 Professor Howard Hotson was invited by the Institute of Philosophy to speak at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic on the ‘radical shake-up’ of the UK university system. His lecture attempted briefly to put the ongoing marketisation of English higher education in international perspective and to use it as a means of understanding the very similar ‘reforms’ being simultaneously introduced elsewhere.

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Ross McKibbin Advises Opposing Marketeers on Their Own Ground

One of the leading historians of twentieth-century Britain, Dr Ross McKibbin of St John’s College Oxford, has greeted the foundation of the CDBU  with an insightful piece ‘In Defence of British Universities’ in the London Review of Books. Those who would defend universities, he argues, must be ‘prepared to meet those who today make funding policy on their own ground’ by providing a more realistic account of the roles universities play in a market economy.’

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