May 29, 2020
This week, universities continued to come to grips with the prospect of shifting online, raising questions about quality and accessibility. CDBU also expressed their support for disabled students who feel left behind amid Covid-19 chaos, and we have issued a call for ‘Manifestos for Change’ from institutions across the UK. NEW on the CDBU blog:...
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Below we publish a response to the financial implications of the Covid-19 crisis at the University of Nottingham by members of the professoriate. It was submitted to the Vice-Chancellor and members of the University Executive Board on Tuesday.  CDBU would like to invite institutions from across the UK to contribute similar accounts. Responding to the...
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This Manifesto for Change from the University of Manchester was kindly contributed to the CDBU blog. We would like to invite universities from across the UK to contribute similar accounts. To download the full manifesto as a pdf, click here. A manifesto for change from the Campaign for Better Governance at the University of Manchester...
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