Values and Aims

To advance education for the benefit of the public by promoting and sustaining the British universities as places where students can develop their capabilities to the full and where scholarship, research, and teaching can be freely pursued at the highest level: in particular, by promoting and advancing the following aims:

  1. To make university education accessible to all students able to benefit from it;
  2. To promote and enhance teaching and research in conjunction with each other;
  3. To foster the intellectual skills and flexibility of students with due regard to the demands of a rapidly-changing economy, while developing the powers of the mind, enlarging knowledge and understanding, and enhancing the intellectual and material quality of life;
  4. Through diverse and far-ranging research, to enhance knowledge and understanding of the physical world, of human nature, and of all forms of human activity;
  5. To promote the values of academic freedom in research and teaching, and to promote knowledge and understanding of the rights and responsibilities inherent therein;
  6. To encourage the adoption of appropriate criteria for assessing the quality of teaching and research;
  7. To sustain the autonomy of institutions of higher education;
  8. To promote and enhance the work of British universities in transmitting and interpreting the world’s cultural and intellectual inheritance;
  9. To promote the foregoing aims amongst universities throughout the world.