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Uniting in Defence of Higher Education in Britain

The CBDU brings together a diverse group of Founding Members united by the conviction that the longstanding drift of higher education policy in this country, accelerated in recent years, will soon do permanent and irreversible damage to a great university system.

Amongst their number are past and present presidents of Britain’s premier academies of arts and sciences: the British Academy, the Royal Society of London, the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and the Learned Society of Wales. Alongside them are men and women of every conceivable distinction inside academia and of great distinction outside it: they include Nobel laureates, a Fields medalist, a poet laureate, eight members of the Order of Merit, former university Principals and Vice-Chancellors, prominent members of the House of Lords, former cabinet ministers, leading literary figures, journalists, and many faces of science and scholarship most familiar in the broader world of the media.

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