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What is a university without philosophy?

Words by James Ladyman, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Bristol.  The University of the West of England plans to close its philosophy degree programmes. It is typical of the way universities are run that the affected academic staff were not involved...

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An alternative vision for the future of Roehampton

This report was contributed to CDBU by Vision for Roehampton, a grassroots campaign organized by members of the UCU Roehampton branch. It is the third in our series titled 'Manifestos for Change', in which we are seeking forward-thinking responses to the present...

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More than ever, university governors need academics as partners

This blog was kindly contributed by Steven Jones, Professor of Higher Education at the University of Manchester. Last month, WonkHE ran a short series of blogs on ‘governance in a time of pandemic’. Developed in partnership with one of the ‘big four’ accountancy...

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