Student Fees

March 2014: Download our latest policy statement on fees and funding by clicking the link below.

Fees and Funding 6 March 2014.

It is clear that the Browne Review was under-researched and entirely inadequate to the questions that it was supposed to answer. It skewed its findings by failing to consider empirical evidence; it asserted the primacy of private gain as the key determinant of funding a sector whose existence is for the public good; and it failed entirely to consider the system as a whole that includes graduate and postgraduate research as a key element. It is clear that the entire system will need to be re-visited. Among issues to be considered, we should explore:

  • The public-good economic value of the sector as a whole;
  • The relation of graduate/research to undergraduate funding;
  • International comparators, including relations between the sector and international business concerns

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