“Join us in the big tent” writes CDBU’s Mary Margaret McCabe in the Times Higher Education

Professor Mary Margaret McCabe from King’s College London, a member of the [Steering Committee](http://cdbu.org.uk/?page_id=74) for the Council for the Defence of British Universities, has just [written a piece in the Times Higher Education](http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/story.asp?sectioncode=26&storycode=421954&c=1) about the CDBU’s plans to expand its membership base. Following is an excerpt.

> The council plans a series of rolling campaigns so that the problems we face may be broken down into different components, each rigorously researched and fully debated, involving as wide a group of people as are prepared to contribute. The public conception of the university needs to be thought through afresh, and this includes celebrating the diversity of our institutions. There are some obvious major issues to address – such as alternatives to the present funding structure and the existence and terms of the research excellence framework – but there are more particular concerns among the academic community, such as the problems facing early-career academics and the parlous situation for graduate support.

> In identifying the most pressing issues, in carrying out the research and in coming up with proposals for change, the council depends on the whole academic constituency. In this time of crisis, we need to stand together.

The CDBU’s proposition to concerned members of the academic community and the general public is essentially this: if you are concerned about the direction of university policy in the UK and would like to help change it, we aim to help create an organisation to which you can contribute your ideas and efforts. Please join us.