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All those who share our aims are encouraged to become members.

There is no fixed membership fee. Supporters are encouraged to contribute what they can afford, either as a one-off donation or via a regular direct debit. We realise that many supporters, especially students, early career academics, and general members of the public, may find it difficult to contribute financially. Your membership is extremely important to CDBU, and we will welcome your engagement, participation and support without any financial contribution.

Join us by filling out the membership form. You can download in MS Word or, if you don’t have Word, in Rich Text Format (RTF).

You have the option of sending in this by email, or by printing it out and sending it by post. Payment options include enclosing a cheque or providing details of your bank transfer, standing order, or online payment (see below). There is no fixed annual subscription, but members are asked to contribute as much as they can to help get us off the ground. Payments by online transfer or standing orders (which can be cancelled at any time) are particularly welcome. Those who would like to volunteer their energy and expertise are warmly invited to write to, briefly outlining how they would like to get involved. Financial support is also welcome from those who do not wish to become full members.