Promote us

Help us by telling your colleagues and friends about the CDBU. You can download and print one of our posters or event flyers, or add a CDBU ‘Join us’ button to your website. If you have any further ideas for promotion please get in touch by emailing

Download a poster

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download CDBUposter1

download CDBUposter2aims

download CDBU After the Election 20 March flyer

download Our universities matter poster

Add a CDBU ‘Join us’ button to your website:

Cut and paste the html code (below) into the back-end of your webpage:



<a href=””><img alt=”CDBU_Joinus_button” src=”” width=”141″ height=”93″ /></a>


<a href=””><img alt=”CDBU_Joinus_button” src=”” width=”235″ height=”155″ /></a>


<a href=””><img alt=”CDBU_Joinus_button” src=”” width=”391″ height=”259″ /></a>