Press Release: CDBU statement on “low value” or “rip off” university degrees


Government proposals to cap the student numbers on what they define as ‘low value degrees’ show once again the limits of market-driven thinking when applied to education.  The value of a university degree can manifest itself in many ways after graduation and over a longer term than metrics deployed by the Office for Students currently allow. Higher education is for life. It is a public good as it produces better informed citizens trained in academic methodologies, whether in STEM or the Humanities, who can make evidence-based decisions in their communities and families, thus strengthening and enriching our society as well as our economy. Other OECD countries recognise the benefits of mass education in the era of knowledge economies. We encourage the government to do likewise.

Notes to editors:

The CDBU was founded in 2012 by a wide range of concerned academics and public figures to campaign for the independence of UK universities and to resist the creeping marketisation of higher education. For more information, please contact Press Officer Becca Bashford at