Press Release: Statement on Academic Freedom

“The Council for the Defence of British Universities notes that recent events have renewed concerns about the status of academic freedom in the UK. Academic freedom is essential in the creation of a critical body of citizens, and to the building of a vigorous, plural, democratic society.

CDBU has written to the Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology to express disquiet over her public letter to the CEO of UKRI, Ottoline Leyser, which called for the disbanding of the newly appointed Advisory Group on EDI and made public and unevidenced allegations against two named individuals.”

Read our full position paper here.

Notes to editors:

The CDBU was founded in 2012 by a wide range of concerned academics and public figures to campaign for the independence of UK universities and to resist the creeping marketisation of higher education. For more information, please contact Press Officer Becca Bashford at