Universities dish out cash ‘bribes’ to students with unconditional offers to hit their grades i newspaper, 17/08/2018, Richard Vaughan Universities have been accused of dishing out cash “bribes” to students with unconditional offers of places to stop them slacking off before taking A-levels. Institutions are promising the financial incentives, worth up to £3,00, to students...
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Discussions about how to improve access for less advantaged students show no sign of abating – and subject-level TEF comes under attack from the Russell Group ‘Relax A-level grades for some medical students’ BBC, 24/05/2018, Katherine Sellgreen Academic entry requirements for medical degrees should be relaxed for students applying from the worst UK secondary schools,...
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Student loans and the problem of how to widen access have been in the news again – while the post-1992 universities are about to take a big financial hit   DfE ‘failed’ to monitor UK Student Loans Company Times Higher Education, 11/05/2018, Ellie Bothwell The UK government failed to effectively oversee the Student Loans Company...
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