November 1, 2013
Daniel  Allington is a lecturer in English Language and Applied Linguistics at the Open University. The piece below is taken from his blog: As we all know, the digital humanities are the next big thing. A couple of years ago, I gave a presentation at a digital humanities colloquium, explaining what I saw as the...
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For the research excellence framework, academics now have to think hard about the effect of their work outside academia, says Jonathan Wolff, professor of philosophy at UCL.  Not long left now. Just a few more weeks and someone in each university around the country will press the button and that will be that. No more tinkering,...
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Professor Sir Fergus Millar’s letter to the editor of the Times. ‘I am not Joking when I say that a physics lecturer called Einstein, who Just thought about the Universe, would risk being sacked because he brought in no grants.’ Times, The (London, England) – Saturday, October 26, 2013 Sir, The Minister for the Universities, David...
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