This week, LSE launched their ‘SHAPE’ campaign which strives to promote the humanities and social sciences, students and staff joined forces to condemn the closure of the Philosophy programme at the University of the West of England and devastating cuts to the Literature department at the University of Portsmouth, and the government announced that EU...
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Words by James Ladyman, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Bristol.  The University of the West of England plans to close its philosophy degree programmes. It is typical of the way universities are run that the affected academic staff were not involved in any way in this decision, and that they had no idea...
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Daniel  Allington is a lecturer in English Language and Applied Linguistics at the Open University. The piece below is taken from his blog: As we all know, the digital humanities are the next big thing. A couple of years ago, I gave a presentation at a digital humanities colloquium, explaining what I saw as the...
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