PRESS RELEASE: 31.08.2022

The Council for the Defence of British Universities is pleased to announce the winners of our funded research project competition. Due to the amount and quality of the applications, CDBU has decided to fund three projects, listed below:

  • When and Why Do We Read? The Time and Value of Reading in the Twenty-First-Century University 

PI: Dr Ben Davies, University of Portsmouth

International Collaborator: Professor Christina Lupton, University of Copenhagen

Amount awarded: £7500

  • Satisfied customers? Interrogating ‘the student experience’ in the neoliberal university 

PI: Prof Leo McCann, Professor of Management, University of York

Amount awarded: £3500

  • What would transparent university governance look like?

PI: Prof Steven Jones, University of Manchester

Amount awarded: £7454.88

We will be publishing individual abstracts for each of the projects in the coming days. The successful applicants will begin their research on September 1. 

Prof. Anne Sheppard, Chair of the CDBU Executive Committee, said: ‘We look forward to the important contributions to higher education research that will be made and to publishing the reports from each project in July 2023.’


Notes to editors:

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