Local groups

CDBU exists to defend universities across the sector.  This defence both needs a wide support base, and is inclusive of the local needs of particular institutions or areas. While CDBU does not concern itself directly with questions of employment (UCU is the body for this) it  is very keen to support local CDBU groups, and to be supported by them.

Local groups will:

  • Involve several institutions in one area.
  • Encourage diversity among the membership of CDBU, both of institution and of membership (we would like to attract student members and administrators).
  • Provide a properly diverse persepctive for those organising policy for CDBU
  • Publicise CDBU and its aims, and encourage new members.
  • Promote and tackle local issues which are not evident or manageable at national level.
  • Run local events, e.g. with students.
  • Write blog posts.
  • Provide help, advice and evidence for CDBU policy campaigns.

CDBU will:

  • Provide support for local meetings and campaigns.
  • Attend meetings and provide membership materials.
  • Help with formulation and publication of local policies.
  • Discuss in detail with local groups how local information can feed into national policy, and how local groups can help to provide initivatives and evidence for national campaigns.

To manage lines of communication between central CDBU bodies

  • Local groups are asked formally to subscribe to the aims of CDBU, and to campaign as a local CDBU group only about issues that are consistent with those aims.  If in doubt please check with the Executive Committee.
  • Local groups are asked to report regularly to the Executive Committee.
  • Local groups should be represented on the Advisory Board, and on the sub-groups on Policy.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN STARTING UP A LOCAL CDBU GROUP OR IN JOINING ONE PLEASE CONTACT US  cdbumembership@gmail.com or the relevant local group leader, below.

London SE Greenwich, Goldsmiths, South Bank East London Queen Mary

Patrick Ainley (Greenwich)

London SW RHUL Reading, Roehampton, Greenwich, Brunel.

Anne Sheppard (RHUL)

Oxford Oxford Brookes

Laura Campbell (Oxford Brookes)

Wales Bangor, Swansea, Aberystwyth, Cardiff.

Julian Preece (Swansea)

Midland Warwick Birmingham

Roberto Alamino (Aston)

East: Cambridge  Essex, UEA

David Midgley (Cambridge)


Jonathan Hearn (Edinburgh)