We’ve put together a list of resources that journalists might find helpful, including useful articles about the marketization of universities, links to other campaigns and information about policy.

Click here to read a statement of our aims, updated for 2018: CDBU statement of aims 2018.

You can read our submission to the Office for Students (OfS) consultation here

Professor David Midgley has written a Genealogy of the Office for Students, which as well as providing valuable background, includes links to relevant government documents.

Government bodies and UK higher education policy

UK Research and Innovation

Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE)

Higher Education Policy Institute

Securing a Sustainable Future for Higher Education (pdf)

Key articles

Browne’s Gamble

Don’t Look to the Ivy League

False Accounting

From Robbins to McKinsey

Parable of the Talent

Reversal of Fortune

Should Public Money Finance Applied Research?

The Grim Threat to British Universities

The Unseen Academy

Universities Under Attack

News and campaigns

Campaign for the Public University

Cap and Gown

Critical Education

Sir Peter Scott

University World News