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CDBU in the news

Martin Hall (VC Salford) writes about ‘After the Election’, 25 March, 2013

Martin McQuillan visits Occupy Sussex, 6 March, 2013

Tamson Pietsch speaks about the importance of universities at the Guardian’s Future of Higher Education Summit, 27 Feb, 2013.

Thomas Docherty, ‘CDBU cordially invites…’ Letters to the Editor, Times Higher Education Magazine, 21 Feb, 2013.

Adam Smith, ‘University defence council rejects both REF and Finch’Research Fortnight Today, 20 Feb 2013

CDBU, together with Learned Societies and prominent Founding Members warn of dire “unintended consequences” for creativity and freedom in British academia, Daniel Boffey,  Historians warn minister over academic freedomThe Observer, 26 Jan 2013

Thomas Docherty, guest speaker at the Said Business School, University of Oxford, ‘Entrepreneurial Leadership’, 24 Jan 2013.

Laura Jane Walker, Is the UK postgraduate system in crisis?, 21 Jan 2013

Thomas Docherty, Postgraduate funding cuts – a disaster in waitingUniversity World News, 19 Jan 2013

Mary Evans review of Joanna Williams, Consuming Higher Education: Why Learning can’t be bought, THE, 17 Jan 2013

A. Cantlie, Best form of defence, THE, 17 Jan 2013

Jack Shardlow, Academics warn about a gap in postgraduate fundingThe Boar, (University of Warwick student newspaper) 15 Jan 2013

Thomas Docherty, interviewed on BBC Coventry on incentives for students, 9 Jan 2013

Daniel Boffey, Students dreams of Phd dashedThe Observer, 5 Jan 2013

Thomas Docherty, interviewed by Daniel Boffey for Britain on brink ‘postgraduate catastrophe’The Observer, 6 Jan 2013

Canadian counterpart to Council for the Defence of British Universities? Arts Squared, 4 Dec 2012

News coverage of CDBU Launch, 13 Nov 2012