Questions concerning what should be believed, what should be done, and why, are unavoidable dimensions of a recognisably human life; and the arts and humanities in particular illuminate the conduct and predicaments of such a life […] to study the humanities, then, is to gather resources for learning how to live well, and – more...
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Words by Dr Jon Hall, senior lecturer at the Open University and CDBU’s Company Secretary. “Accessing our creativity is a fantastic way to top up our resilience.”Chief Operating Officer, North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust  Resilience means being able to bounce back after a blow, after a tragedy, after a crisis. With reserves sufficient...
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Discussions about how to improve access for less advantaged students show no sign of abating – and subject-level TEF comes under attack from the Russell Group ‘Relax A-level grades for some medical students’ BBC, 24/05/2018, Katherine Sellgreen Academic entry requirements for medical degrees should be relaxed for students applying from the worst UK secondary schools,...
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