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In this week’s news round-up, the number of English universities with operating deficits has risen to 32 – but the economy sees a net benefit from overseas students who stay   Open University gave away £13 million in severance payments last year despite claiming they are broke, HESA figures reveal Daily Telegraph, 22/03/2019, Camilla Turner The...
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The pensions dispute rumbles on, the OfS admits to making a mistake over the Toby Young appointment, and the OU vice-chancellor faces a vote of no confidence   Universities give out unconditional offers like candy, say head teachers The Times, 31/03/2018, Rosemary Bennett Universities have been told to stop dishing out unconditional offers “like candy”...
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Opinion piece by Dorothy Bishop Earlier this week, Lord Patten, former Conservative chairman, published a searing attack on the government’s Higher Education and Research Bill in the Observer, stating: “It seems ham-fisted to turn the academic world upside down when universities face so much turbulence and uncertainty after the Brexit vote and the rhetoric surrounding...
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