Our Aims

In keeping with the changing nature of higher education and the issues which concern society at large, CDBU updated its aims in 2024 and will keep them in constant consideration. 

We want to:

  • Defend the autonomy of institutions of higher education against interference by government or other external bodies
  • Support academic freedom in research and teaching and encourage understanding of the rights and responsibilities associated with it
  • Advocate for a university education accessible to all those able to benefit from it and explore models of financing which acknowledge it as a public good as well as a private good
  • Promote inclusive teaching and research as interdependent and the corresponding principles of diversity and equality
  • Champion educational values which empower students through teaching and research which gives a priority to intellectual and personal development, civic engagement and transferable skills
  • Resist the rising tide of managerialism in universities and restore the role of academic values in university governance