Yes, tuition fees in England are among the highest in the world

It turns out the CDBU were right about tuition fees

Prime minister Theresa May has admitted that tuition fees in England are among the highest in the world.

It’s good to see an acknowledgement from government of something that we first drew attention to three years ago.

The general election of 2015 was the first since the decision to treble tuition fees to £9k a year in 2010. At that point, no one – Conservatives, Lib-Dems or Labour – were calling for a reversal of this policy. When the CDBU made the argument that our tuition fees were, on average, the highest in the world, there was some scepticism, especially given the astronomical level of US private university fees.

So we produced an infographic to demonstrate it.

In November 2015, the OECD confirmed that tuition fees in England were indeed higher than any other country. The story was reported extensively in the UK press, and even went international.

By that time, Jeremy Corbyn had already begun campaigning to abolish tuition fees. After he was elected leader, abolition of tuition fees has been adopted as Labour policy.

The knowledge that students pay more in England for their higher education than in any other country in the world is perhaps the single most compelling reason for reversing the constant escalation of tuition fees. And it all began with a piece of research by the CDBU back in April 2015.